Tips for Talking to Attorneys

business lunchIf you are meeting with a lawyer to discuss your financial problems, it probably isn’t something you are excited about. For many people, attorneys are intimidating and seem unapproachable. However, it is important to remember that we are just people trying to help you out. We really don’t have a secret agenda, I promise!

To help you understand us a little better, below are a few tidbits for you to consider:

  • Our “process.” Like any other seasoned debt relief attorney, we have developed a procedure that we follow to ensure that all of the critical information needed for your case is gathered from you and given to you. This  includes having you complete a questionnaire that asks every type of question about your finances that is humanly possible! We know it is annoying, but it is still important that you take it seriously and complete it as thoroughly as you can. Trust that we developed our system for a reason – it works.
  • Spill the beans. Tell us everything, even the stuff you don’t like to talk about. In fact, mention the thing that you are dreading telling us most at the beginning of the consultation, not as you are walking out the door. This way we can develop a strategy for your case with a clear picture. In most instances, it is something we have dealt with before and it won’t be a big deal. Also, keep in mind that we aren’t asking questions because we are just nosy. We really need to know the answers to protect your financial future.
  • Ask questions. Remember that your consultation is a time for you to get answers to your questions. If we aren’t being clear or explaining things well, ask questions. This is your case and you need to understand what is going on. If you are considering debt relief options outside of bankruptcy, ask our opinion. Any experienced Chapter 7, Chapter 11, or Chapter 13 attorney has seen how various debt relief options have worked for people in similar situations. If an attorney can’t or won’t answer your questions, you may want to reconsider whether he/she is the right advocate for you.
  • Get to know the staff. Although non-lawyers are prohibited from giving you legal advice, our staff can still be extremely helpful. Our staff has  the ability to explain things to you without all the “legalese” mixed in. We depend heavily on our staff, so they are a great resource for you too.
  • Don’t procrastinate. Finally, if you are struggling financially and you need relief from your debt, don’t delay any longer and contact us. Scheduling a meeting with one of our attorneys does not mean that you have to file bankruptcy. Consider it a fact-finding venture so you can be aware of all of your options.

Please keep in mind that every case is different. If you are facing overwhelming debt, or you want to learn more about how filing a Chapter 7, Chapter 11, or Chapter 13 bankruptcy could help you, and you would like to schedule a no-cost consultation, please contact our office by completing the form on this website or calling us at (954) 932-5377.


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