Sallie Mae Student Loans: Who Is Navient?

gold question markBorrowers with Sallie Mae student loans may soon be receiving communications from “Navient.” Sallie Mae has announced that it has split up into two companies and Navient, the new company, will be handling all of the servicing and billing of its federal and certain private student loans.

It is important to understand that your student loan is not being sold by Sallie Mae to another company. Rather, Sallie Mae is dividing and Navient is becoming the servicing branch for Sallie Mae. You may be wondering what this all means to you. Below are a few things to know:

  • Your interest rate and student loan terms will not be changed.
  • Sallie Mae will be sending out notices via mail and email informing its borrowers of the changes. However, if you do not receive a notice, you may want to contact Sallie Mae directly to determine whether your loan will be handled by Navient.
  • Borrowers who pay their student loan online will now be instructed to make them through (not Sallie Mae).
  • If you make your monthly student loan payments by mailing a check, your check will now be made payable to Navient instead of to Sallie Mae.
  • Sallie Mae loan payments made using auto-debit from a bank account will continue as scheduled. However, it is important for borrowers to monitor their bank accounts and verify that the monthly payments are being withdrawn properly. If you see an error, contact Sallie Mae or Navient directly.

Before making any of the above changes, however, you should verify these instructions from the notification you receive from Sallie Mae. To learn more about this change in your student loan, visit

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