Student Loan Default: How to Avoid Wage Garnishment

money sign engraved on concrete floorIf your federal student loans are in default status, you have likely started receiving notices from the government. One of these notices probably states that your wages are going to be garnished. Most borrowers are already struggling financially, so the thought of having their paycheck garnished can be stressful. Don’t give up hope – we can help.

There are several steps we can take to help you avoid having up to 15% of your disposable pay garnished. It is imperative for you to act quickly, however. We must take action within 30 days from the date your garnishment notice was sent to you.

Before the 30 days has expired, we can request a hearing to be scheduled. We can also request copies of documents to be provided. We will work with you to determine any objections that can be made to the validity, enforceability, or amount of the student loan debt being claimed. We can also determine if you have a claim of legal exclusion or financial hardship. To prove financial hardship, you must be able to prove that an offset of your wages will leave you unable to pay for your basic living expenses.

We are also available to assist you with negotiating a student loan repayment plan. During the 30 days after receiving notice of the garnishment, we can help you settle with the government by offering repayment terms that are more manageable for you. You will need to make the first payment by the response deadline date on the garnishment notice.

We are available to help with avoiding default on your student loans as well as assisting with loans that are already in default status. Don’t ignore the problem and hope it will go away. Let us provide the guidance you need.

Please keep in mind that every matter is different. If you have questions about your student loan debt and you would like to schedule a no-cost consultation to discuss your options, please contact our office by completing the form on this website or calling us at (954) 932-5377. Our student loan debt lawyers in South Florida are ready to help.


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