Who Should I Talk to About Bankruptcy?

talking to a bankruptcy attorney

If you’re dealing with overwhelming debt, you don’t need to go through this challenging chapter alone. Seeking guidance, especially if you’re considering bankruptcy, is essential to your path toward financial independence. Our Fort Lauderdale bankruptcy attorneys explain who you should talk to if you’re considering filing for bankruptcy.

Talk to a Bankruptcy Attorney

If you’re considering filing for bankruptcy and have questions about the process or the benefits, you should speak to an experienced bankruptcy attorney. An attorney can help you relieve your stress about filing, and they can explain your rights. They can also help you fight the bank and creditors so that you don’t have to handle that on your own. Failing to have an attorney on your side can significantly impact the outcome of your case.

Below we have put together the benefits of speaking to a bankruptcy attorney:

  • Bankruptcy Planning: A bankruptcy lawyer can analyze your case and propose alternatives if bankruptcy is not the best option for you. An attorney can also help you decide which type of bankruptcy to file.
  • Bankruptcy Preparation: An experienced bankruptcy attorney can help you prepare for bankruptcy. For example, they can help you apply for the means test, value your property, choose and apply exemptions, and determine the discharge of debts.
  • Bankruptcy Guidance: Once you enter the bankruptcy process, an attorney can help you complete paperwork, can handle creditors who violate the automatic stay, and much more.

If you need guidance with your bankruptcy case, our team at LSS Law is here to help you.

Talk to Your Bank & Creditors

If you know you will have trouble paying off your debt, it is vital to talk to your bank or credit collector to develop a solution. In most cases, people are afraid to speak to their bank or creditors and tell them that they can’t pay off their debts. However, an experienced attorney can guide you through the process to ensure that your rights are always protected and achieve a favorable outcome.

As a full-service, boutique law firm, LSS Law guides our clients through every aspect of the bankruptcy process while maintaining the personal touch they deserve. Contact our Fort Lauderdale bankruptcy lawyers today at (954) 932-5377 to learn more about how we can help you!


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